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    Chicago Modeling Agency that creates your online portfolio and promotes you to Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

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    Social Media for Chicago Models

    We promote you via our social media channels like Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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    Comp Cards for Chicago Models

    We changed the modeling industry over a decade ago turning the comp card into a digital online portfolio.

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About Our Chicago Modeling Agency

about bella modelingWe are extremely different from most Chicago modeling agencies online. How you ask? Well we have teamed up with a Web Design and Search Engine Optimization company to deliver results. You will become exposed to the far out reaches of the internet through search engines and social media. See if your local Chicago modeling agency can do that for you!

Purchasing a Modeling Package has its Benefits and they are:

  • National and International Exposure not just local Chicago Modeling exposure.
  • Be able to send your own unique link to any agency or person without having to send them actual photos or paperwork. (Saves time and money)
  • When people search for your name in the search engines you will show up on our web site and they can contact you.

Start modeling now, you always dreamed of being a model, so do it today! We can help you get your feet wet in the Chicago modeling area and if you don't act now you will never find out where you can go with modeling. You don't know if you do not try.

Look no further for the most affordable modeling experience. By developing your comp card and increasing your exposure with other Chicago modeling agencies, you can impact your career. Our Chicago modeling agents are willing to provide free modeling tips and resources. We'll have the answer to all your questions and promise to be the most informative compared to the other Chicago modeling agencies.

modeling product saleAmong all the Chicago modeling agencies we are unique in offering free and also professional services.

Anyone in this industry knows that you shouldn't have to spend a lot of money to get your feet wet in modeling. That is why online we can offer a multitude of free fashion advice and modeling information. We only charge models that are looking to develop a portfolio with us, in order to display their photos into our Chicago modeling database.

About Our Modeling Agency in Chicago

In the early years of our business model, aspiring Chicago models of all ages found our services to be a convenient way to digitally send their online portfolio to prospective employers. The instant comp card emerged and we delivered a promising product.

Now today, we are capable of creating your own modeling website in Chicago and marketing your name and skills on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. We then market your very own .com via social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google+. This not only gives you a competitive edge to your modeling peers but also gives you the respect and credibility you deserve when it comes to fashion modeling in Chicago.

We at Bella Modeling are excited to see how else we can revolutionize the modeling industry in the upcoming future. We look forward to exposing your talent to the world!

Why We Stand Out Among The Other Chicago Modeling Agencies
  • We help you do it yourself for free! Post your resume or photos via our social media platforms.
  • We can develop a professional comp card with the help of one of our Chicago Modeling Agents.
  • Finding a photographer in Chicago couldn't be easier. We can refer you to one.

Bella Modeling Agency the most affordable of the Chicago Modeling Agencies. We can help your fashion modeling career online or by calling on of our Chicago Modeling Agents.


Online Modeling Agency With Online Comp Cards - Perfect for Promoting Modeling Careers

"I am glad i found Bella Modeling Agency. They gave me the exposure i needed to get noticed. They gave me my own online presence that i could get nowhere else. I am forever greatful for the jump start they gave to my modeling career!"

Angelica Shark, Model.

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