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    Women Modeling

    We are looking for women models across the country. Plus Size, Petite, Tall or Short it doesn't matter, all agencies need different types of women for different reasons.

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    Men Modeling

    Hey Guys! We want to help you further your career and get noticed on the web! We are looking for all types of men whether you are Muscular, Skinny, Tall or Short. There is a need for each of you.

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    We give kids the exposure they need to begin their early careers in modeling. Its a lot of fun for Kids.

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men modeling


Calling all aspiring male models looking for more exposure and a unique look with a serious interest in the modeling industry.

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woman modeling


All you beautiful woman inside and out, let us give you a unique exposure that will get more than your feet wet in modeling.

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Parents we know you have the cutest child on the planet right? Let us show the world exactly what didn't fall to far from the tree.

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Modeling Agency Producing Online Results

We are extremely different from most modeling agencies online.

How you ask? Well we have teamed up with a Web Design and Search Engine Optimization company to deliver results. You will become exposed to the far out reaches of the internet through search engines and social media. See if your local modeling agency can do that for you! We have teamed up with a Website Design Company Located in Buffalo, NY to design you your own professional profile website on our portal.

Bella Modeling began in 2003 and was one of the first to develop the "Online Comp Card". When the web began to take hold, there was no need to develop comp cards anymore and distribute them via snail mail etc. We started networking with different photographers around the world to create a unique niche in the modeling industry. Once word came out that we had revolutionized the industry, we began to grow exponentially! Models wanted the exposure we could give them and also employers found out fast that we were a great place to look for new talent. The combination of the models in our network and the visitors of our website browsing talent, gave us a unique edge in online modeling.

In the early years of our business model, aspiring models of all ages found our services to be a convenient way to digitally send their online portfolio to prospective employers. The instant comp card emerged and we delivered a promising product. 


Online Modeling Agency With Online Comp Cards - Perfect for Promoting Modeling Careers

"I am glad i found Bella Modeling Agency. They gave me the exposure i needed to get noticed. They gave me my own online presence that i could get nowhere else. I am forever greatful for the jump start they gave to my modeling career!"

Angelica Shark, Model.

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